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“VIP SPA ZONE” sells natural wooden products – hot tub, camp house, mobile sauna. We offer our customers only our carefully selected, production-tested and most important customer-valued products. Our customer appreciates naturalness, quality, and exclusivity - these are our key criteria for product manufacturing that we cherish and refine in search of even better solutions. Our biggest advantage over competitors is that we give our customers complete freedom of choice. All of our products are custom-made according to each customer’s wishes.

We are flexible, innovative and not afraid to put new ideas into our workshops. It is easy to transport all our products because of their mobility. Hot tubs, saunas, camps are mobile so they are easy to adapt to any environment, whether it’s your patio, yard or lakeshore. Our mission is to bring to people’s daily lives products that are beneficial not only for entertainment but also for their health. A flexible logistics secret is a broad circle of logistics partners and long-term cooperation. Due to the high demand for products abroad and a big desire to gladden many hearts worldwide, we ship many products to England, Denmark, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, and other European countries.