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When the cold season comes, the number of people using saunas increases. The VIP Spa Zone team gives you 7 common mistakes and tips to avoid them and get the most out of your sauna!

1. Do not abuse the sauna. Going to the sauna too often, it can bring headaches but not the relaxation and health. One or two times a week is a perfect time interval.
The time spent in the sauna is also important. 3-5 hours in the sauna, including sitting in the hallway with a cup of tea, should be sufficient for complete relaxation and a breath of new energy.
2. The temperature in the sauna should not exceed 60°C if we do not want to overheat, but only to heat up. It is also worth checking the humidity in the sauna, it should be about 40-60°C. Insufficient humidity and excessive heat can cause discomfort,  breathing difficulties. This does not have to be the case.
3. Drinks. Alcohol and sauna - two incompatible things. We know that the sauna is often associated with entertainment, fun, which can not do without alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages put stress on the body, the heart and the brain. The body is already challenged to deal with it, and what if the heat still develops. The situation can become very bad.
What can I drink? Natural herbal tea, fresh juice, natural tree juice, and mineral water!
4. Fluid Recovery. While bathing in the sauna, it is important to remember to drink water. Not coffee, not carbonated soft drinks, but the simplest water. At least one liter of water should be taken after immediately after the bathing to restore water balance in the body. Drinking too little water the next day can cause headaches and poor feeling in the body.
5. Food .. During dinner or celebration we eat heavy meals and then jump to the sauna. Big mistake. It should take a few hours after the last heavy meal. Of course, you can't go to a sauna on an empty stomach, but snacks should be light like fruits and vegetables. We can eat the most delicious dishes after!
6. Age is not the limit. Let's not think that you can't go to the bathhouse when you are a senior. Rather, it is not even necessary, but is a must! The sauna heat helps the body to sweat more, and through sweat to remove all the slag and toxins from the body. After the sauna, your joints will feel like newborn.
7. Dizziness in the bath? Shouldn't be. Get out of the sauna immediately if you feel uncomfortable. It is also a mistake to think that the body will become accustomed to the heat and the head will no longer hurt. Infrequent cases, headaches during heating signal health problems.

The sauna is a great helper for those who want to be healthy, less stressed and have beautiful skin. Follow our advice, get into a sauna and stay healthy! Share a message with your loved ones. Have good steam!