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OVAL mobile house is width orientated house. This kind of summerhouse looks very attractive in any yard, it's distinctive shapes attract eye and compliments. This mobile house can have an outdoor ante with benches and folding table, sleeping places, electricity so it can be used extensively. Each mobile house is made individually and the customer assembles the product himself.

The kit includes: not impregnated spruce wood house with optional color bitumen roof and custom style doors. For addition, you can choose to make mobile house from thermo wood, select wood impregnation type, sleeping places, furniture, additional rooms and the outdoor ante. It is also possible to connect electricity.

Available dimensions of the OVAL summerhouse: LENGTH (2.45m) x HEIGHT (2.5m) x WIDTH (3m / 4m / 5m)

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Colors may differ from those on the screen due to the different wood or oil type. We are also working to improve the quality of our products, so some details may be different from those in the photos.