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Have you always dreamed about owning a sauna in your own backyard or garden but hesitating about being frightened by its maintenance? It may seem like it will require a lot of attention in the future but we assure you – it is not. A wooden outdoor sauna will take as much care as any other outdoor furniture and only a few things will need to be done after purchasing. 

Sauna construction and installation:

Since we deliver our products fully assembled, there is no need to worry about its installation. While the mobile sauna is being manufactured, you only need to think about where you will build it. It is recommended that the base on which the sauna stands would be as smooth and firm as possible. It is ideal for asphalt, concrete, paving blocks, wooden terraces or hard land.

Once the sauna is in your yard and standing on the prepared base, you will need to install a stove. Installation of both an electric stove and the wood-fired stove is not complicated. Heater installation takes several steps according to our instructions and it takes up to 10 minutes.

This is enough to use the sauna, once it has been installed and the stove is connected, there is no need to do anything. Well, unless you have chosen a wood stove, you will need to put the wood in the heater, ignite the flame…

You can decorate the entrance room or the exterior of the sauna with lamps, lamps, flowers, garlands, racks for small items or hooks for towels and bathrobes. Everything in your fantasy. Our buildings are versatile and adaptable to any environment.

Usage of the sauna:

It is recommended to have a towel while sitting in the sauna, and before going to the sauna, shower and wash the dirt. If it is possible we recommend using essential oils, whisks, try to rub the body with salt and put melted chocolate masks. Read our other article with 7 most common mistakes when using the sauna to get most of it.

Sauna inside care:

There is no need for a special process before using the sauna, but after each use of the sauna, it is necessary to clean the floor and bunks. No heavy cleaning is required, just wipe it off with a wet cloth, removing sweat and skin residues, and other dirt that has fallen. Not cleaning the sauna can cause stains on the natural wood, which may require more serious cleaning products, such as fine sandpaper scrubs. Immediate maintenance will require significantly less effort to maintain a wood that is unchanged in appearance and will be pleasant to the touch.

Ventilation of the sauna is also one of the easy maintenance factors. Wet and warm rooms are a great breeding ground for germs or mold. Wooden mobile saunas we sell are equipped with special ventilation openings, but you can contribute to faster ventilation after the sauna procedures: after cleaning the sauna room, slightly ventilate by leaving open doors or windows.

Sauna outside care:

As for the outside of the sauna, it is recommended to renew its protective layer once a year - oiling, painting in order to keep the natural wood beautiful for a longer time. Renewed wood becomes environmentally resistant, does not accumulate mold, does not crack.