fbpx BARREL Sauna With Infrared Heater | VIP Spa Zone
barrel infrared sauna in front
barrel small sauna with infrared rays
wooden sauna inside with infrared rays
open doors view into small barrel infrared sauna
back of small barrel sauna
 infrared rays inside wooden sauna
Weight: 2 g

Attractive model of the BARREL sauna. Infrared heat is also called infrared energy! This process involves many healing reactions and the rays do no harm. Infrared light is like the heat of the sun or the natural heat of our bodies. You can use this sauna both outdoors and indoors. It fits and looks stunning in any garden or terrace. 

It is recommended to make the sauna room not bigger than 3 m. The sauna is equipped with six 380 W infrared heaters, measures 400 x 1000 mm, with black wood grill and control panel. 

Infrared barrel sauna includes:

  • Barrel sauna from natural wood;
  • Bitumen roof;
  • Infrared heater;
  • Sauna benches;
List price: 4000.00€
3327.00€ Inc. VAT