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To choose a sauna stove, it is sufficient to know the volume of the sauna room and to choose the type of stove. Who doesn't want to do a lot of the work of creating a fire and burning firewood is the choice of electric stoves. Who likes to look at the burning fire, chooses a wood burning heater. Each product is complete and has installation and operating instructions. All heaters are made from stainless steel. Manufacturer: "Harvia Oy" Finland.

HARVIA VEGA BC80 (electric heater): Power - 8,0kW; Capacity of sauna - 7-12 m3; Stone capacity - 20 kg; Weight without stones - 11 kg; Dimensions - L48 x W31 x H54.

HARVIA CILINDRO PC90 (electric heater): Power - 9,0 kW;  Capacity of sauna - 8-14 m3; Stone capacity - 80 kg; Weight without stones - 10 kg; Dimensions - L32 x W32 x H93.

HARVIA M3 (woodfire, inside heater): Power - 16,5 kW; Capacity of sauna - 6-13 m3; Stone capacity - 30 kg; Weight without stones - 45 kg; Dimensions - L43 x W39 x H71.

KOTA KURU 14ST (woodfire, outside furnace): Power - 13.0 kW; Capacity of sauna - 8-14 m3; Stone capacity - 35 kg; Weight without stones - 52 kg; Dimensions - L48+16 x W43 x H68.

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