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  • Have you always dreamed about owning a sauna in your own backyard or garden but hesitating about being frightened by its maintenance? It may seem like it will require a lot of attention in the future but we assure you – it is not. A wooden outdoor sauna will take as much care as any other outdoor furniture and only a few things will need to be done after purchasing. 

    Sauna construction and installation:

    Since we deliver our products fully assembled, there is no need to worry about its installation. While the mobile sauna is being manufactured, you only need to think about where you will build it. It is recommended that the base on which the sauna stands would be as smooth and firm as possible. It is ideal for asphalt, concrete, paving blocks, wooden terraces or hard land.

  • When the cold season comes, the number of people using saunas increases. The VIP Spa Zone team gives you 7 common mistakes and tips to avoid them and get the most out of your sauna!