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Wide variety ot tub heaters. We have a really large selection of both external and internal heaters in the market. The heaters have a modern design and a wide range of parameters. Heaters have their own codes: M-small; D-large; S-glass.

Production range with coded markings:

1. Inside heaters: 21M; 22D

2. Inside heaters with external furnace, a door with or without glass: 25M; 25MS; 26D; 26DS

3. Outside heaters, doors with or without glass: 23M; 23MS; 24D; 24DS

4. External furnace for fibreglass tube: SP.

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Colors may differ from those on the screen due to the different wood or oil type. We are also working to improve the quality of our products, so some details may be different from those in the photos.