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We make and sell wooden OVAL saunas with the possibility to complete them according to personal wishes, needs, and capabilities. Both layout and accessories are available. Available in different widths. The versatile shape of the sauna perfectly matches the interior of any garden. You can fit the interior in any style you like and, if you decide to buy a non-impregnated product, coat the exterior with the color of your choice.

Customized OVAL shaped sauna is orientated differently from other shapes - it expands not in width but in length. This type of sauna can have a large outdoor terrace where outdoor furniture can be added. This is a new and very popular sauna model for people of all ages.

Since each bath is manufactured separately, you can also choose its layout. The sauna can consist of a sauna, shower, sauna and other areas. The number and size of the zones depend on how many people will fit in the sauna room. The set includes sauna beds and open porch (OA) furniture. All other accessories, including the stove, are optional and supplied separately.

Available dimensions of the OVAL sauna: LENGTH (2.45m) x HEIGHT (2.5m) x WIDTH (3m / 4m / 5m)

- HARVIA VEGA BC80 (electric heater): Power - 8,0kW; Capacity of sauna - 7-12 m3; Stone capacity - 20 kg; Weight without stones - 11 kg; Dimensions - L48 x W31 x H54.


- HARVIA CILINDRO PC90 (electric heater): Power - 9,0 kW;  Capacity of sauna - 8-14 m3; Stone capacity - 80 kg; Weight without stones - 10 kg; Dimensions - L32 x W32 x H93.


- HARVIA M3 (woodfire, inside heater): Power - 16,5 kW; Capacity of sauna - 6-13 m3; Stone capacity - 30 kg; Weight without stones - 45 kg; Dimensions - L43 x W39 x H71.


- KOTA KURU 14ST (woodfire, outside furnace): Power - 13.0 kW; Capacity of sauna - 8-14 m3; Stone capacity - 35 kg; Weight without stones - 52 kg; Dimensions - L48+16 x W43 x H68.

KOTA KURU 14 ST assemble instruction

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Colors may differ from those on the screen due to the different wood or oil type. We are also working to improve the quality of our products, so some details may be different from those in the photos.