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Wooden POD saunas are supplied with a large selection of equipment and accessories. Different lengths are available. Goods can be shipped all around Europe. The unique shape of saunas can be used both in the backyard of a modern house and in the countryside with a lake of mountain views.

Individually made POD shaped sauna is special and fascinating in its unusual shape. This type of hot tub is reminiscent of an ancient hut or Igloo Eskimo hut in Antarctica. However, it is fascinating not only by the form but also the feeling of being in the sauna. It has cozy, tapered ceilings that can have varying number of partitions depending on the length of the option you choose.

In this sauna it is important to make , wide windows and doors are available to let in the most natural light. We install them only at the ends of the sauna, keeping the roof's unusual continuity from top to bottom. The sauna can be connected to the electricity. For additional fee you can order furniture for ante. The set includes deckchairs; all other accessories are optional, according to your choice. The desired version of the heater is also available.

Possible dimensions for the POD sauna: WIDTH (2.4 m) x HEIGHT (2.55m) x LENGTH (2m / 2.4m / 3m / 4m / 5m / 6m)

1. HARVIA VEGA BC80 ELECTRIC HEATER Power - 8,0kW; Capacity of sauna - 7-12 m3; Stone capacity - 20 kg; Weight without stones - 11 kg; Dimensions - L48 x W31 x H54.

2. HARVIA CILINDRO PC90 (electric heater): Power - 9,0 kW;  Capacity of sauna - 8-14 m3; Stone capacity - 80 kg; Weight without stones - 10 kg; Dimensions - L32 x W32 x H93.

3. HARVIA M3 WOODFIRE INSIDE HEATER Power - 16,5 kW; Capacity of sauna - 6-13 m3; Stone capacity - 30 kg; Weight without stones - 45 kg; Dimensions - L43 x W39 x H71.

4. KOTA KURU 14 ST WOODFIRE OUTSIDE FURNACE Power - 13.0 kW; Capacity of sauna - 8-14 m3; Stone capacity - 35 kg; Weight without stones - 52 kg; Dimensions - L48+16 x W43 x H68.

KOTA KURU 14 ST assemble instruction

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