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Page navigation and purchasing

Items are categorized. You can view a specific item by choosing the category of goods you are interested in and clicking on the item picture. At the top, you will always see a list of categories to allow you to go back.

The picture of the product provides more information. To buy a product, click on "Add to cart", at the same time you can specify the number of units to buy (you can change them later).

Your shopping cart is always at the top of the page. You can unsubscribe with the selected item by clicking the "Remove" button. You can change the quantity of the item by entering the desired number of units.

Once you have created the shopping cart, click on "Pay". You will be directed to the registration page. If you already have a client account, enter your email address. email address and password. If you are a new customer, you can buy goods as a guest (not registering) or register and then purchase goods in a simplified manner. When registering, it is necessary to indicate the shipping address information of the goods.

Select the shipping method. Available for purchase without delivery at our stores.

Choose a billing form. If you wish, add a comment to the order and click on "View Order". When you make sure all the information provided is correct, click on the payment button.

Returning the goods

We want you to be satisfied with buying in our online store. If you have changed your mind about any item, we will give you the option to return the item and purchase another for the same amount. The item must be returned in the original packaging within 14 days from the date of purchase. Please note that the cost of sending the item is not refundable.

If you wish to return the goods, please email us at and provide the following information:

- order number;

- the name of the returned goods;

- photos and video material of heater code and place of damage.

- The reason you are returning (damaged, defective at the time of sending, not the item you ordered, not the size, you changed your mind, the other (please specify)).

Within 2-4 business days of receiving the message, we will contact you and discuss the terms of payment.

Delivery of goods

• After completing the order form, the amount of goods in the account is given without transport costs.

• If one of the withdrawal/delivery methods is indicated, 2d.d. During the period, the manager will contact you and adjust the shipping charges based on the shipping address.

• The placing of the order does not impose payment until it is agreed with the Buyer for all details.

• The final invoice is sent to the Buyer upon agreement on the production and delivery terms of the goods.

• After the bail has been transferred to the buyer, the goods are being put into production.

Production terms

We produce the goods within 6-8 weeks from the date of ordering. Production time may vary depending on the existing order quantity.

Delivery terms:

In Lithuania:

• You can pick up the goods in our warehouse.

• Transport company services. The delivery date is on average 1-4 working days after the order has been made.

 EU countries:

• Transport company services. The delivery date is on average 3-14 working days after the order has been made.

 In other countries:

• write a request:

Delivery methods

The buyer can choose the goods delivery method by ordering goods, i.e. to use the delivery service provided by the Seller or to withdraw the goods by our / ordered transport in our warehouse.

Delivery of goods to the Buyer:

- The buyer, when choosing a delivery service at the time of booking, undertakes to indicate the exact place of delivery, exact contact details. Evaluate and inform about the availability of heavy transport, and how to dispose of products. Accordingly, larger or smaller transport, with or without lift, is ordered.

- The goods are delivered by the Seller or his authorized representative.

- Delivery of goods (transportation) fee is calculated taking into account the place of delivery of the goods and the weight of the goods and whether the Buyer wishes to use the landing service.

- In all cases, the Seller is released from liability for violation of the terms of delivery of goods, if the goods are not presented to the Buyer or presented in a timely manner due to the fault of the Buyer or due to circumstances determined by the Buyer.

Buyer's obligations when accepting goods:

- The Buyer must, together with the Seller or its authorized representative, check the condition of the consignment and the item (s) and sign the transfer/acceptance of the item, at the time of submission of the Goods to the Buyer. Upon signature by the buyer on the transfer of the consignment - the acceptance document, the consignment is considered to be in good condition, there are no violations of the goods, the basis of which is attributable not to the manufacturer's broker, and the lack of conformity of the goods (which can be determined during the external inspection of the goods).

- If the item (s) are damaged and/or the item (s) are inadequate, the Buyer must indicate this in the document of the transfer of the consignment - if it is noticed that the package of the submitted item has been damaged (broken, wet or otherwise externally damaged) and, in the presence of the Seller or his agent, to draw up an act of breach / non-conformity of the free-form consignment and / or the goods (s). Capture video and video violations. If the Buyer fails to do so, the Seller is released from liability to the Purchaser for defective goods if the basis for the occurrence of such violations is not a factory defect and due to product mismatch if these discrepancies can be detected during the external inspection of the goods.