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Mobile Sauna BARREL 2,2 m.


Sauna is inseparable from many spa treatments and has many benefits. Sauna procedures are very pleasant and healthy activity. In the sauna you can both relax and entertain. We understand its enormous benefits, making the mobile sauna line one of our most important products. 

Making the sauna, we used the base of our summerhouses. We have POD, BARREL, OVAL, VERTICAL, BOX shapes with sauna furnishing and installation. We offer mobile homes with an easy-to-change layout which allows us to convey the same design to the mobile saunas. Each sauna line retains the same modifications to the summer house – sizes, layout, insultation, roofing, furniture options and more. 

Each sauna can be assembled on site or brought already assembled. Due to the saunas mobility, they can be transported to another location easily. The dimensions of the assembled sauna were chosen taking into account the overall dimensions so that it can be transported without any problems by regular transport. 



For a comfortable sauna use, it is necessary to have facilities such as dressing and shower rooms, and, of course, sauna room. There may be more or fewer rooms, depending on the needs and capabilities of each. The sauna can have rooms of various lengths. Our design of saunas helps to make the most of the available space. 

The sauna room consists of sitting benches that are oriented along with the sauna and the heater, which usually is installed at the end of the sauna room. The heater can be electric or wood-burning. Each heater is selected individually depending on the user’s preference.  Choosing a wood-burning heater, more advantages have the external stove. With external furnace the wood does not occupy the floor area of the sauna, also it does not dirt the floor. 

For long term hygiene, it is recommended to take a shower before visiting the sauna. For this, we suggest installing a small shower that can be installed inside the sauna or installed outside. For the outdoors, we have developed a separate, versatile product, a shower-dressing room. And in order to discuss the pleasures of the sauna, it is smart to have a pre-sauna room. This room consists of smartly equipped storage areas, compact folding tables, benches, and other parts.
The sauna is equipped with standard furnishings. Additional rooms and accessories can be selected individually. For non-standard wishes, we suggest contacting us and we will do our best to fulfill your wishes.


Health Benefits Of Sauna

Nowaydays, we are all in a great hurry, rushing and not spending enough time on ourselves. We are no longer able to properly rest and that is mainly due to lack of time. Most of the people after returning to the full-time jobs have to spend their evening with friends or children who also need attention. There are several ways to be savvy and the main is to rest and relax! 

Do you know why we feel so relaxed, full of energy and positive after being in the sauna? Here are some benefits of sauna:

  • Cleanses the skin. The hot steam in the sauna effectively cleanses the skin and removes blackheads. What’s more, it greatly improves blood circulation, making the skin more vital and well-being. Beautiful skin immediately indicates that the person is recovered and not tired. 
  • Toxins are removed. Heat causes the human body to sweat. The sweat cleanses the body. Simple as that. Soak in the sauna for 20 minutes and you will remove all of the body’s bad energy accumulated throughout the day.
  • Relieve stress. The heat of the sauna forces the body to release endorphins and other substances that improve well-being. That’s why people who come out of the sauna are so cheerful and relaxed!
  • Relaxes muscles and reduces fatique. That is why visiting a sauna after a long and hard-working day is very beneficial. Tense muscles are easier to rebuild under the heat.

These are the main benefits, but far from all. Sauna strengthens the immune system, muscles, bones and improves the human condition and well-being.