fbpx 160x100 cm 2 Person Outside Heater Oval Hot Tub | VIP Spa Zone
Weight: 1 g

Two-person tub for nature and romance lovers. Let yourself enjoy the dream spa in your own backyard! This wooden outdoor tub is made from the top grade 42 mm thermo wood. This wooden outdoor tub has an outside heater that lets you comfortably sit inside. 
Measures 160x100xH110 cm.

Two-person hot tub set includes everything you need:

  • 160 x 100 cm hot tub from thermo wood;
  • Outside heater with chimney protection and chimney cap;
  • Heater from AISI 304 metal class (freshwater and chlorine can be used);
  • Wooden benches;
  • Wooden headrests;
  • Cover with handles;
  • Water mixing paddle;
  • Steps;
  • Water drainage facility;

The standard price for this set is 2040 EUR with VAT included.

List price: 2040.00€
1730.00€ Inc. VAT