fbpx 180 cm Fiberglass Hot Tub Outside Heater Set | VIP Spa Zone
Weight: 1 g

Our clients' favorite outdoor hot tub with a fiberglass liner and outside heater. This wooden tub is made from the spruce wood. and impregnated with natural oil. A company of 4-6 people can fit into this 180 cm hot tub and enjoy water pleasures together. The hot tub has an external stove which is very simple and comfortable to use. 

Fiberglass hot tub set includes everything you need:

  • 180 cm hot tub from spruce;
  • Wood impregnation with natural oil;
  • White color fiberglass liner;
  • Curved benches;
  • External heater;
  • Chimney and chimney cap;
  • Heater from AISI 304 metal class (freshwater and chlorine can be used);
  • Fiberglass edge finish;
  • Fiberglass cover with handles;
  • Water mixing paddle;
  • Steps;
  • Water drainage facility;

The standard price for this set is 2255 EUR with VAT included.

List price: 2255.00€
1915.00€ Inc. VAT