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mobile barrel sauna with panoramic window and heater
barrel mobile sauna with half moon window and glass doors
wooden barrel sauna with black bitumen roof
mobile sauna in barrel shape with heater and red roof
barrel mobile sauna inside
barrel mobile sauna inside with benches and two small windows
wood bench box for mobile sauna
barrel sauna inside with glass door and accessories
Dimensions: 220 cm × 100 cm × 200 cm
Weight: 2 g

The BARREL sauna is enticing with its unusual shape. Not everyone has been in a giant barrel! This kind of shape is more spacious than it looks from outside. Barrel outside is supported by beautiful continuous roofing design and round sides. Doors and windows can only be at the only ends of the sauna.

We make and sell wooden BARREL saunas with the possibility to complete them according to personal wishes, needs, and capabilities. Both layout and accessories are available. Available in different widths and lengths. The versatile shape of the sauna perfectly matches the interior of any garden. You can fit the interior in any style you like and, if you decide to buy a non-impregnated product, coat the exterior with the color of your choice.

Sauna includes sauna bunks and outdoor (OA) benches. Extra rooms and accessories are selected individually according to your order. 

BARREL summerhouse possible dimensions: DIAMETER (2 / 2.2m) x LENGTH (2; 2.4; 3; 4; 5; 6m)

HARVIA VEGA BC80 ELECTRIC HEATER Power - 8,0kW; Capacity of sauna - 7-12 m3; Stone capacity - 20 kg; Weight without stones - 11 kg; Dimensions - L48 x W31 x H54.

HARVIA CILINDRO PC90 (electric heater): Power - 9,0 kW;  Capacity of sauna - 8-14 m3; Stone capacity - 80 kg; Weight without stones - 10 kg; Dimensions - L32 x W32 x H93.

HARVIA M3 WOODFIRE INSIDE HEATER Power - 16,5 kW; Capacity of sauna - 6-13 m3; Stone capacity - 30 kg; Weight without stones - 45 kg; Dimensions - L43 x W39 x H71.

KOTA KURU 14 ST WOODFIRE OUTSIDE FURNACE Power - 13.0 kW; Capacity of sauna - 8-14 m3; Stone capacity - 35 kg; Weight without stones - 52 kg; Dimensions - L48+16 x W43 x H68.

KOTA KURU 14 ST assemble instruction

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