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small barrel sauna
small sauna barrel from spruce
barrel sauna inside benches
barrel sauna from inside with different benches
mobile barrel sauna
Weight: 2 g

The mobile sauna BARREL with an exclusive layout of sauna beds, which can accommodate up to six people in a small building. The exterior of the sauna is made of spruce wood, and the benches inside are made of durable thermo wood. Modern design fits into any yard or homestead landscape.

The sauna is equipped with an electric stove, which is installed on the right side of the sauna, between the door and the smaller sauna bed. The stove is easy to light and the sauna itself is easy to maintain.

Dimensions: width 2m, length 2m, height 2.2m.

The set of the sauna includes:

  • 2m long sauna house;
  • Wooden doors with window;
  • Black bituminous roof;
  • Thermal wood beds;
  • Electric Harvia heater;
  • Heater stones;
  • Ventilation hole;
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