fbpx Ø2,2x4m Barrel Sauna With Entrance Room | VIP Spa Zone
barrel sauna inside
barrel sauna from sprunce, front view
spruce wood sauna barrel with red bituminous roof
sauna barrel from spruce with half panoramic window
barrel sauna inside
Weight: 4 g

The eye-catching attractive barrel-type sauna house "Barrel". The mobile sauna house will fit in every yard, homestead, or on the lakeshore. The sauna is heated by an integrated wood-burning heater. The uniqueness of the sauna is a bright red roof and a moon-shaped panoramic window, which will open the possibility to admire nature while sitting in the sauna.

The mobile sauna is made of spruce wood. The sauna house consists of a 1.3 m long inner entrance room with benches - storage boxes and a 2.7 m sauna room with thermal wood sauna beds.

A convenient integrated wood-burning heater is a great solution for those who love naturalness and the smell of wood, but who want to light a sauna as comfortably as possible without carrying dirt and ash falling inside. The wood-burning heater is built from the outside.

Dimensions: width Ø2.2m, length 4m.   

The sauna set consists of:

  • Impregnated spruce wood sauna house;
  • Ante with benches - storage boxes;
  • Thermal wood beds in the sauna room;
  • Door with one rectangular window;
  • Glass doors to the sauna room;
  • Moon type window;
  • Red bituminous roofing;
  • Kota Kuru ST wood-burning integrated heater with external furnace;
  • Stones for the heater;
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