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modern barrel outdoor sauna with lightning
mobile outdoor sauna barrel with light
wooden mobile sauna barrel from the side
wooden mobile sauna barrel from the back
mobile wooden sauna from the inside
mobile barrel sauna inside with lightning
ventilation in the barrel sauna
full set in the mobile sauna
wooden mobile sauna with open ante, two windows, doors, lightning
Weight: 3 g

Mobile outdoor sauna BARREL with both indoor and outdoor lighting. It is a sauna with a convenient layout, where a seat can be found both inside the sauna when warming up and for cooling off in the fresh air. A 3 meter long round barrel-shaped house is usually ordered as a sauna layout option, which consists of a 2,4 m sauna and a 0,6 m open ante with benches.

Lighting provides coziness and comfort; in order to use the sauna, you do not have to think about additional lighting, everything is planned at once. All you have to do is bring electricity to the sauna house.

The integrated Harvia M3 wood-burning heater, which is very simple and convenient to use, we also add special stones.

Dimensions: 3m long, 2m diameter.

The set of the sauna includes:

  • Impregnated spruce wood sauna;
  • Open ante with benches;
  • Black bituminous roof;
  • Thermo wood benches;
  • Wooden doors with a rectangular window;
  • Two additional rectangular windows at the front;
  • Indoor lighting;
  • Outdoor lighting;
  • Ventilation hole,
  • Harvia M3 wood-fired heater;
  • Stones for the heater;
  • 2 m long chimney and chimney cap;
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