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pastatoma lauko pirtis box iš termo medienos
mobili lauko pirtis kvadratinė su priedais
erdvi box mobili lauko pirtis
moderni pastatoma lauko pirtis su atviru prieangiu
erdvi lauko pirtis su dideliu panoraminiu langu
mobilios kvadratinės box lauko pirtelės vidaus gultai su aksesuarais
mobilios pirties vidus su malkine krosnele, vandens boileriu ir gultais
Weight: 3 g

A long-lasting thermal wood sauna with an open ante is a practical solution for people who want heat and comfort. The conveniently designed mobile sauna has seating both inside and out. The 3-meter-long sauna consists of a 2.4-meter sauna room and a 0.6-meter open ante. The square shape is common to everyone because it resembles a house with the most space inside.

The sauna has an integrated wood-burning heater with an external furnace. This heater is easy to use, it does not bring dirt from the outside to the inside, it is easier to clean and maintain. A water heating tank with a tap is installed on the chimney so that there is always warm water when using the sauna to soak the broom or to freshen up with pleasant temperature water.

Dimensions: 2.2 m wide, 3 m long, 2.2 height.

The set of the sauna includes:

  • Impregnated thermal wood house;
  • Sauna beds;
  • Open ante with benches;
  • Doors with two rectangular windows;
  • Large rectangular window in the sauna room;
  • Green bituminous roof;
  • Kota Kuru 14 ST integrated wood-burning heater with external furnace;
  • Stones for the heater;
  • Wooden heater protection;
  • Water heating tank with a tap;
  • Accessories: towel, a water bucket with spoon, broom, sauna cap, bamboo headrest.
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