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4 metres long termal wood oval shaped sauna with open ante and bench
Termal wood sauna with open ante, closed ante and sauna
Sauna from termal wood with bench outside
Termal wood sauna with bench/stuffbox
Sauna from termal wood with table, bench and sunbed
Weight: 4 g
An oval-shaped sauna made of thermal wood stands out from the others that it expands not in width but in length. The open ante of this sauna is much longer and more spacious than the others. The roof is covered with a solid looking black bituminous coating; outdoor wooden doors with a rectangular window; one large window with opening capability provides a lot of coziness both inside the sauna and on the open ante, which is furnished with seating space and a table. The closed ante has a bench-storage box and a table-shelf, in this area you can change, store your belongings comfortably or just sit and relax. The closed ante is separated from the sauna by a glass door with wooden handles. The sauna has a sunbed and an electric heater „Harvia Vega BC80“.
HARVIA VEGA BC80 (electric heater): Power - 8.0 kW; Sauna volume - 7-12 m3; Stone capacity - 20 kg; Weight without stones - 11 kg; Dimensions - G48 x P31 x A54.
Oval sauna dimensions: Length (2.45m) x Height (2.5m) x Width (4m)
The sauna set includes:
• 4m thermal wood mobile sauna Oval;
• Black bituminous roof;
• Open ante with bench and table;
• Large rectangular window with opening capability;
• Wooden outdoor doors;
• Bench-stuffbox in the ante;
• Table-shelf in the ante;
• Glass sauna door with wooden handle;
• Sunbed in the sauna;
• Electric heater „Harvia Vega BC80“;
• „Oval Diabaz“ stones for the heater;
• 5l bucket with a spoon from spruce with plastic inside
*plant is not included in the set
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