fbpx 5m Thermal Wood Sauna POD | VIP Spa Zone
Thermal wood sauna POD inside, wood burning heater
inside sauna with wood fired heater
big thermal wood sauna with ante and glass door
POD-shaped sauna with black bituminous roof from side
front view of POD outdoor sauna with wooden doors
back view of POD outdoor wooden sauna with two small windows
Weight: 5 g
5 meter-long POD (or Eskimo house) shaped sauna with three zones: ante, a shower, and the sauna itself.
The sauna is made of thermal wood, covered with black bituminous roofing; entrance door with two windows and two standard windows in the back. Glass doors with wooden handles separates the zones. In the ante there are benches-storage boxes on both sides where you can rest and store things underneath. You will be able to install the shower area according to your needs. The sauna has thermal wood benches on both sides and a Harvia M3 wood-burning heater.
HARVIA M3 (inside wood-burning heater): Power - 16.5 kW; Sauna volume - 6-13 m3; Stone capacity - 30 kg; Weight without stones - 45 kg; Dimensions - G43 x P39 x A71.
POD sauna dimensions: 1500 x 800 x 2700 mm
The sauna set includes:
• Thermal wood sauna house;
• Ante with benches-storage boxes;
• Thermal wood sunbeds in the sauna;
• Two glass doors with wooden handles;
• Outdoor doors with two windows;
• Black bituminous roof coating;
• Two standard rectangular windows in the back wall;
• Harvia M3 wood inside heater;
• 2 meter long chimney with a hat;
• „Oval Diabaz“ stones for the heater;
• 5l bucket with a spoon; from spruce with plastic inside;
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