fbpx Unique Wood Burning Oval Sauna "SMURF"
outdoor mobile sauna smurf from thermowood, with stunning round window and open ante, lightning
outside oval mobile sauna with round window and two storey L shaped sauna beds
outdoor mobile sauna smurf from thermowood with open ante furniture folding table and bench
mobile sauna view from inside, round window and two floor sauna beds
L shaped sauna beds inside of mobile oval sauna smurf with sauna accessories
sauna beds with under bench LED lamp, cozy lightning
LED changing color lightning under bench in the mobile sauna
view from mobile sauna inside with round window, LED changing color lightning under bench in the mobile sauna
outdoor mobile sauna front view with round window, folding table and lightning
outdoos sauna back view with ventilation hole
mobile smurf house with isolated chimney, wood fired heater, round window
Weight: 3 g
An improved version of the oval sauna. Cozy 3 meter long mobile sauna house with two zones: an open ante and a sauna room. The sauna is equipped with furniture: the entrance hall is equipped with a single bench and a folding table, and in the sauna - comfortable sauna beds. The sauna beds for this model are made slightly differently than usual. Instead of one floor, two-storey L-shaped benches have been chosen, which fill all possible space and provide enough space for sauna pleasures.
The sauna is oiled with natural color oil so the wood looks natural and is protected from the environment. A round window at the front gives exclusivity and sitting inside opens up a view of your yard. The roof is covered with a classic black bitumen coating. Electrical installation in the sauna: under bench lamp with LED bulb with remote control (6 colors can be changed), simple lamp in the sauna, outdoor lamp and a switch.

Dimensions: length 3m, width 2.4m, height 2.55m.

The set of the sauna includes:
  • Impregnated thermowood sauna;
  • Black bituminous roof;
  • Open ante with bench and a folding table;
  • L-shaped two-storey sauna beds;
  • Wooden door with a small glass window and wooden handle;
  • Round window;
  • Inside and outside lightning;
  • Kota Kuru 14ST wood-fired heater;
  • Stones for the heater;
  • 2m long insulated chimney and chimney cap;
  • Ventilation hole;
List price: 6100.00€
5706.00€ Inc. VAT