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mobile sauna glamping pod with wood fired heater
mobile sauna glamping pod with wood burning heater
mobile sauna glamping pod with wood fired heater with water boiler
mobile sauna beds
mobile sauna inside beds
mobile sauna with benches and cozy lightning
outside mobile sauna with open ante with benches
Weight: 3 g

Exceptionally designed POD houses surprise everyone. This type of sauna house resembles ancient huts but looks very modern from outside and cozy inside. The sauna is made of impregnated spruce wood, covered with bituminous roofing, with glass entrance doors.

Inside, there are thermo wood sunbeds with back supports and an extra bed at the back of the house, so the sauna can accommodate more people than usual. Open ante with benches allows you to relax comfortably in the fresh air. The 3-meter-long sauna house consists of a 2,4m sauna room and a 0,6m outer entrance with benches.

The sauna house is equipped with a Harvia wood-burning stove for fast and smooth heating of the sauna. A water heater is installed next to the stove, so you should always have warm water-soaked shelves or freshen up with pleasant temperature water.

Dimensions: width 2.4m, height 2.55 m, length 3 m.

The sauna set consists of:

  • Impregnated spruce wood POD house;
  • Open ante with benches;
  • Black bituminous roof;
  • Glassdoor;
  • Thermal wood sauna beds;
  • Inside lighting under one of the sunbeds;
  • Wood-burning Harvia M3 indoor heater;
  • Stones for the heater;
  • Water heating tank with a tap;
  • Ventilation hole;
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