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sauna barrel for four person
barrel sauna from thermowood
sauna barrel from thermowood with opened windows
barrel sauna inside
Weight: 2 g

The small 2-meter-long sauna is made of durable thermal wood. A practical and modern solution for those who dream of their own sauna, especially suitable for those who do not want or cannot have a large building in their yard or garden.

The uniqueness of the sauna is two rectangular opening windows and glass doors. The red roof attracts the eye and blends beautifully with the wood.

The set of the sauna includes:

  • 2m long sauna house;
  • Impregnated spruce wood;
  • Glassdoor;
  • Two small rectangular opened windows;
  • Red bituminous roof;
  • Thermal wood beds;
  • Electric Harvia heater;
  • Stones for the heater;
  • Ventilation hole;

Thermo wood - heat-fired wood that has become resistant to environmental influences. Thermal wood products remain unchanged for a long time, the wood does not crack or swell.

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