fbpx Ø2,2m Summerhouse BARREL | VIP Spa Zone
barrel mobile sauna with wooden doors and red bitumen roof
wooden mobile log cabin inside benches
Weight: 2.2 g

The BARREL log cabin summerhouse. Simply due to the shape of this house, it is tempting to get inside. Not many have had the chance to enter a giant barrel. Due to the special shape of the bungalow, the interior design of the furniture requires the utmost use of the existing space, which will help you take care of. Since the whole house is round, doors and windows are only possible at the ends of the house, where there is no curvature. Each bungalow is made individually with the client choosing all the details from size, type of wood and every other details. 

The basic kit includes: a non-impregnated spruce wood house with an external ante and benches, a choice of bitumen roof color and door. In addition, it is possible to choose a different layout of the house with extra rooms, furniture, sleeping places, ante furniture, and electrical installation.

BARREL summerhouse possible dimensions: DIAMETER (2.2m) x LENGTH (2m / 2.4m / 3m / 4m / 5m / 6m)

Barrel summerhouse in 2m diameter

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