fbpx 160x100cm Plastic Ofuro Tub | VIP Spa Zone
ofuro hot tub set from thermal wood with outside heater
oval ofuro plastic hot tub with outside heater and accessories
inside of plastic ofuro hot tub with wooden edge
oval hot tub set with external wood fired heater, steps, mixing paddle
oval hot tub with great wood burning heater set
oval plastic hot tub bottom view
wood fired heater with glass door for ofuro tub
wood fired heater for oval hot tub with glass door
Weight: 1.1 g

The luxurious two-person plastic tub is a great choice for practical people. The outdoor hot tub is made of high-quality, durable thermal wood and safe to touch the body plastic - polypropylene. Thermo wood is special in that it is fired at a high temperature, which means that a tub made of such wood will remain unchanged for many years. The plastic bathtub is easy to maintain and easy to clean.

The external hot tub takes up no space inside, is easy to set up and clean. The glass built into the door of the stove looks very well when the wood is ignited, you see a roaring fire.

Ofuro tub includes:

  • Impregnated wood tub;
  • Two stainless steel rings;
  • Gray * plastic liner;
  • Plastic closed benches;
  • Thermo wood tub edge decoration;
  • Wooden cover;
  • Simple steps;
  • Water mixing paddle;
  • Outside heater with glass door;
  • Better metal class AISI304 - chlorine can be added to water;
  • 2m long chimney with chimney protection and chimney cap;
  • Water drainage facility;
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