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Weight: 1.1 g

An attractive model of outdoor hot tubs. Fiberglass hot tub made of impregnated spruce wood, a perfect choice for people who are looking for a luxury but more affordable option. Fiberglass is sleek as it is made using casting technology, making it particularly pleasing to touch the body. The fiberglass tub is completely waterproof. This type of outdoor tub is very easy to maintain.

The integrated heater takes up space inside but saves place in the garden. The oven is easy to set up and clean. The glass built into the door looks very nice, you can see the roaring fire when the wood is ignited.

The fiberglass tub package includes:

  • Ø180 wooden tub;
  • Coating the wood with a special oil of dark color;
  • White fiberglass liner;
  • Closed and sleek fiberglass benches;
  • Two stainless steel rings;
  • Fiberglass cover;
  • Simple steps;
  • Water mixing paddle;
  • Integrated oven with glass door;
  • Better metal class AISI304;
  • Water drainage facility at the bottom;

Fiberglass hot tub:

  • Easy to clean;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Easy to transport;
  • Sleek inside;
  • Casting technology used instead of welding;
  • Nice to touch the body;
  • Tight;
  • Waterproof;


Metal class AISI430 - only clean water can be used;

Metal class AISI 304 - water with a little chlorine can be used;

Metal class AISI 316 - water with salts and chlorine can be used;

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